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10 questions for ANY first sales call

Christina Nalband
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You need to change the way you are thinking about a “Qualification Call” in sales.

Every sales team has had COUNTLESS sessions on how to run the best “Qualification Call”.

Salespeople are handed scripts and 50+ questions to ask in order to understand if someone is a “Qualified Buyer”.

There really is no such thing. The best salespeople understand this.


It is not a “Qualification Call”. 


It is “The First Conversation”.


You only have 30 minutes to have a conversation with someone and understand if now is the right time to TAKE A NEXT STEP.

NOT to buy something from you.


Unless your sales cycle is 1 day or less. If it is...We can talk about that at another time.


For all of my salespeople that are running a sales cycle that lasts longer than 1 day...


I put together the 10 questions that ANY salesperson can ask during a first conversation to understand if they should spend their time with this potential buyer and take a next step.

Check it out and let me know how it works for you.’s free btw

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10 questions for ANY first sales call

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